ISIS is an independent geological, geophysical and engineering oil and gas consultancy that was established in 2000 to undertake technical and commercial interpretations and evaluations. ISIS has a dedicated staff of twenty five internationally recognized experienced professionals. ISIS has completed on schedule, within budget and while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality over 550 high quality exploration, appraisal, development and independent expert's projects. PROJECTS AND CLIENTS ISIS has completed over 550 high quality explorations, appraisal, development and independent expert's projects in 50 countries world wide. The projects were onshore and offshore, in shallow to ultra deep water; and covered exploration, appraisal and development in a wide variety of depositional and structural setting: Deltas Deepwater turbidities Fluvial and lacustrine Reefal and platform carbonates Salt and shale diapers Extensional tectonics Compressional tectonics Thrust regimes Wrench tectonics EXPERTISE: Isis has deep knowledge over 100 basins worldwide and they cover the following petroleum system: Tertiary Deltas Atlantic 'Pull-apart' Basins Jurassic Rift Systems Tertiary Wrench Basins Tertiary 'Back-arc' Basins Intracratonic Basins Tertiary Evaporite Basins Over 550 projects completed in the past 10 years including deep water projects in Australia, Brunei, India, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia. CAPABILITIES Isis is a world leader in undertaking regional geological and geophysical sequence stratigraphic interpretations, developing dynamic structural and depositional model. Isis has completed numerous 2D and 3D seismic interpretations, mapped, identified and developed leads and prospects portfolios - generated probabilistic volumetric including risking and ranking. Completed technical interpretations, developed and recommended appraisal drilling programmes and field development plans. Undertaken detailed technical and commercial evaluations of the resource potential and reserves of assets. INDEPENDENT EXPERTS Isis has recently completed several large Independent Expert Reports related to the acquisition of exploration and production assets, corporate mergers and corporate acquisitions. Isis has also acted as the Competent Person in relation to listings on the London Stock Exchange. Isis is able to draw on its extensive knowledge and skills base in Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Project Engineering and Economics to provide a technically and commercially sound Independent Expert's Report. Isis has established a strong working relationship with the Commonwealth Bank, Bank of Scotland and Macquarie Capital Advisers.
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